Generally, when it comes to comparison of drugs prices in the USA and Mexico, it turns out that prices of Mexican medications are commonly 70% – 80% lower, which signifies a huge opportunity for the population that does not have sufficient funds or insurance to purchase well-being support and health treatment. The main reason for lower prices is the fact that our drugs are generic. Nothing to worry about, the quality remains at par, and our meds exert comparable effects. Our generic medicines are manufactured from the same ingredients of similar quality and comply with the widely accepted industry standards, same as branded medications.

Likewise, if you are looking for Erectile Dysfunction medications in our pharmacy, the price range is as follows:

  • Viagra is USD 2.95 per pill
  • Cialis is USD 6.28 per pill
  • Levitra is USD 3.22 per pill

Kindly note that abovementioned prices are quoted for 10-pills purchase. Hence, if you are purchasing 20 pills or more, the associated prices will vary as well and will generally be lower.

Blood pressure medications have the following prices in Mexican pharmacy:

  • Propranolol is USD 0.68 per pill (60 pills)
  • Tricor is USD 1.06 per pill (30 pills)
  • Avapro is USD 2.19 per pill (30 pills)

Antiviral medications in our service are available at the following prices:

  • Epivir is USD 3.19 per pill (30 pills)
  • Symmetrel is USD 0.48 per pill (60 pills)

If you would like to obtain additional information related to our prices, kindly refer to our website.