Q. Can your online drugstore deliver the drugs to the USA?

A. Yes, we do cover the American region. However, the delivery charges will vary based on respective regions.

Q. Do I require a prescription in order to be able to get medications from your online drugstore?

A. Specific medications may require the prescription. However, in general it is decided on case-by-case basis.

Q. Is there any shipment/delivery protection?

A. We do provide the shipment/delivery protection in order to ensure safety of your products delivery.

Q. Does the shipment/delivery cost vary based on the destination?

A. Yes, the delivery cost will vary based on the destination and country of interest.

Q. Where do my medications come from?

A. All drugs come from official and affiliated licensed and approved Mexican pharmacies as well as certified international distribution centers. On our side we ensure you receive trustworthy, dependable, and affordable drugs.

Q. Is it safe to make orders from your online pharmacy?

A. You have nothing to worry about, because we utilize high-level security that aims to safeguard your personal data and privacy. Kindly check our information related to refunds/returns for a better understanding.

Q. What is necessary to make an order at your drugstore?

A. All you require is a legal prescription from a certified doctor in the country you reside in.

Q. How can I refill my prescription?

A. In order to refill your prescription meds, kindly refer to the steps available at our Refill Prescription webpage.

Q. What are the main differences between initial order and repeated online prescription?

A. There is no need to demonstrate any other data when requiring restocking orders, except for cases when the contact information, shipping address, medical condition, or volume of meds you are taking, as well as your preferred method of payment has been altered (you will need to provide new information in that case). To proceed with a restocking order, kindly call or email us.

Q. What makes your drugs become significantly cheaper?

A. Thanks to price controls imposed by the government, medications from Mexico as well as various other countries are commonly substantially lower in price comparing to the United States. Moreover, generic versions of medications that are yet unavailable in the US, can be more widely accessible in other countries.

Q. What is the key difference between the branded meds and the ones I usually purchase in local drugstores?

A. The branded medications we offer are similar from the chemical and therapeutical point of view, same as the ones available at your local drugstore. Both those meds are commonly coming from similar manufacturer. Likewise, the key difference is the price and packaging. Our packaging may be different from what’s available at local drugstores.